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This is really fascinating to me! Here's what it says I am:

Type: Manifestor
Profile: 6 / 2
Definition: Split Definition
Authority: Emotional - Solar Plexus
Not Self Theme: Anger
Strategy: To Inform
Incarnation Cross: Left Angle Cross of Informing (22/47 | 11/12)

I've looked around online to find out what exactly, that means. I found this website:, which has helped me grasp it a little more.
Here are some of the things my chart shows:

My *defined center's* are the throat, solar plexus, root and spleen.

The Throat Center
The Throat is the Center of communication and action. In order for anything to happen, it must pass through the Throat to become a reality. Biologically, the Throat is the Center of our metabolism. It is the Center for manifestation.

If a Center is connected to the Throat by a defined channel, then the qualities of that Center can be easily manifested in the world. If your Throat is defined, you are here to verbally share with others what it is to be you.

The Splenic Center
The Spleen controls our immune system. It is the Center for well-being, instinct, intuition and taste. The Spleen is the Center for knowing "in the now." If you have a defined Splenic Center, trust your initial "gut feel." This intuition is reliable, but it only speaks once. If you ignore it, this timely insight will not speak again.

The Solar Plexus Center
The Solar Plexus Center is another powerful motor that is the Center for emotions and feelings. This Center has a major effect on all of us regardless of whether it is defined or open. It is the Center of pleasure, romance, sexiness, passion and desire.

If you have a defined Solar Plexus, you are an emotional being. This Center operates in a wave moving you through emotional cycles from highs to lows in a two- or three-day cycle.

The most important thing to know, if you have a defined Solar Plexus, is to never be spontaneous. Never make a decision without "sleeping on it." You need to contemplate proposals through all phases of your emotional cycle before making a decision. Emotional people feel that they are indecisive. They often change their minds the next day. This happens because they do not wait for the emotional wave to complete before making the decision. Emotional beings need time.

The Root Center
The Root Center is a motor and is the Center of stress, adrenalin, pressure and depression. If you have a defined Root, stress and pressure are a natural part of your life. This pressure is meant to be fuel for your life, not to cause depression.

My *undefined center's* are the head, Ajina, G center, heart and sacral:

The Head Center
The top Center, the Head, is the source of inspiration, anxiety and mental pressure.
If the Head is undefined, your inspiration is always coming from outside of you. If you are with someone whose Head is defined, you will be filled with inspiration that vanishes when you are alone.

The Ajna Center
The Ajna Center is the Center of conceptualization. It measures and categorizes. If the Ajna Center is undefined, you do not have a consistent thinking process. Your thinking will be influenced by the people you are with. With an undefined Ajna, you should have important conversations in a public place so that your thinking will not be completely influenced by the person with whom you are speaking.

With an undefined Ajna, you cannot filter the thoughts that enter your mind, and you will have trouble holding on to them. You may not say the things you intend, and you may not sound intelligent if you try to initiate discussions without being asked.

The G Center
The G Center is the Center of Self. It is our identity and is the Center of Love and Direction in life. We have been taught that the Heart is the Center of Love, but this isn't true.

If your G Center is undefined, you will be on a lifelong quest to know who you really are, and it is easy to let others shape your identity for you. Just as some great singers have an undefined Throat, many treasured spiritual leaders have an undefined G Center, and as a result, are great searchers for spiritual truth.

An open G Center also causes uncertainty about love. Wondering if they will ever be loved is one of the most profound questions for people with an open G Center. These people will also constantly question their direction in life. Because of their journey to discover love, people with undefined G Centers have much wisdom to share about the nature of love.

The Heart Center
The Heart Center is the Center of Ego, Willpower and Courage - not the Center of Love.
The Heart Center is one of the four motors and is a powerful source of energy. It is the driving force for business and competition. The Ego is about material survival, money, the family and the tribe. It is a warrior and an exaggerator. It is possessive and insures the survival of the community.

Having an undefined Heart Center means that you should not make promises. You should not be willful or competitive. An open Heart Center makes you susceptible to diseases of the heart, gall bladder and stomach when you act willfully. Making promises places extreme pressure on these organs if your Heart Center is undefined. Do not try to use willpower to bulldoze your way through life.

The Sacral Center
The Sacral is the most powerful motor and is the major source of energy for us. It is responsible for sexuality, reproduction, nurture and the life force.

If you have an undefined Sacral Center, your sexuality is always conditioned by the person you are with. You can be everything from a nun to a tramp depending on your partner. If you change partners, you will not have the same sexual experiences. You are very vulnerable at the sexual level.

An undefined Sacral also makes you vulnerable to working too hard. Generators (defined Sacral) are designed for work, but people with an undefined Sacral can end up working twice as hard trying to do the work of Generators. Working too hard is unhealthy for people with an open Sacral Center.

The 6/2 profile suggests that I'm a *Role Model Hermit*

These people are here to be living examples of what they have learned in the three phases of their lives. In the first phase, they experience great challenges and trials. In the second phase, they withdraw and become objective observers of how to deal with those challenges. In the third phase of their lives, they walk in the world as natural, living examples what they have learned.
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