Accepting where I'm at

Life's been challenging lately, and I have to admit that maintaining the food-lifestyle that I aspire to has not been one of my priorities. At the time, I didn't feel like I had the energy to let it be... ironically, if I really think about that though... eating a low-fat, raw vegan (LFRV) diet probably would have given me more energy to deal with everything, than not doing so... but that's in the past.

Eating LFRV often leaves me airy and in-touch with the ethereal side of my reality. Lately I've been so in-touch with the physical reality—trying to get stuff done—that the idea of eating LFRV seemed like it would put speed bumps in the way of what I wanted to get done... whether or not that's true, I don't know... but that's how I was feeling at the time, and it seemed valid.

Yesterday a lot was accomplished, and I now feel like I have the clarity and stillness available to me to allow myself to let go (slightly) of the physical reality I've been grasping onto the past few weeks. James is feeling the same draw back toward a LFRV lifestyle, which makes it much easier for me. The temptation of take-out lately has just been too hard to resist.

Things still need to get done—lots of things. Perhaps now more than before... but it just feels different... I know... you're wondering, what on earth has been going on?

Well, here is a link to the joint blog that James and I have going about our journey away from density and toward light; and another link to a post I put onto my knitting blog. I'm not sure the whole story is explained through those two resources, but it gives a general idea of what it is we're hoping for... at least short term. Our long term goals are much more undecided—there are SO many different possibilities, so I'm not sure they're really worth mentioning yet.

Now is all there is, so right now, we know that our landlord is expecting us to move out on Aug 31st, and we need to figure out what we'll be moving into... and fruit is my fuel!
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