Ever since the chakra class I attended months ago, I've been considering getting myself Level 1 attuned... and various opportunities have been presenting themselves to me lately.

My yoga instructor, Lorraine was attuned by someone here in Massachusetts—Pat Iyer—at Open Doors in Braintree. At the time, when she first told me of this, I was eager and willing to do almost anything to become attuned. However, life's circumstances didn't allow it to happen then. Then time passed and the desire for reiki attunement faded to the background.

Today, I was hanging out with my Twitter friends, and came across a post by@ReikiAwakening. She linked to her blog, where she talked about her first experiences with Reiki, and how she and Reiki became introduced. It reminded me of my first experience with Reiki, and how it made me feel. Then I became overwhelmed with peace and my body began tingling, similar to how it did at the beginning of the chakra class. I was inspired to talk with Alice (ReikiAwakening) if she knew anyone who did attunements in Massachusetts.

She then informed me that she can do attunements remotely... but I'm not sure how I feel about never really meeting the person who does something as intimate as an attunement. When it comes to people, I generally need to take time to get to know and trust them—this happens much easier when I know them in person, but perhaps an online relationship could form... None-the-less, I'm hesitant about requesting anyone I don't know and trust to perform my Level 1 attunement.

I suppose I should just trust that I've sent the request for a reiki teacher out into the universe, and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
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