Allowing Reiki to flow

I'm slowly learning more about what I can do to increase the allowance of the Reiki that flows through me. Below are a few things that I've tried, with positive results.

The first thing I noticed, and experimented with, was my breath. While acting as a vessel through which others may receive Reiki I noticed that if I sync my breath with theirs, and allow my breathe to follow their natural rhythm I feel what seems like a more constant and steady flow of Reiki through me. I'm unaware of the effects the recipient feels when I do this, but on my end, it feels as though I'm more open and allowing of the energy as it flows through my body.

Over time, as I practiced with breath and learned what it feels like to allow Reiki to flow through me, I've become more sensitive to it, and I'm more aware of it's subtlety. Reiki seems to have a sort of consciousness to it—like it knows where to go, and what to do. All I am is the vessel through which the energy is brought from source to wherever it is needed—a channel. When my channel is clear, the energy flows freely, but when the channel is muddled, the energy feels spotty and inconsistent.

Clearing the channel
There are a number of things I can do to clear the muck out of my channel. The most-effective and immediate method is to meditate—to sit quietly and *be* with whatever arises in that moment. Even just a minute or two is extremely helpful.

Other methods of clearing the channel that I prefer to use are not always as immediate as mediation, but the long-term effects are worth the effort. They include, but are not limited to:
• a regular vinyasa yoga practice (75 minutes/3 times a week)
• eating lightly by consuming lots of raw fruits and veggies and by staying away from or eating rarely dairy, starchy carbs and meat
• taking walks in the forest, listening to the birds and feeling the air as it blows by my skin
• singing and dancing
• being in the moment and finding something to enjoy about whatever I'm experiencing

There are so many things that can help clear the channel. Follow your heart and you will be guided toward whatever is best for you.

With a clear channel I can feel the rate at which Reiki is being pulled through me. Depending on how much is needed by the recipient, Reiki can flow in a thick, powerful stream or lightly and conservatively. I'm not exactly sure how to describe how this feels.

I like to think of myself as a straw—as though there are energetic straw ends in the palm of each of my hands where the energy flows out. The other end of the straw is at the crown of my head, toward the back—where the energy flows in. When I lay my hand onto someone wishing to receive Reiki, it's as though I can feel something being pulled through my hand. The feeling is strongest in my hands, though when the channel is really clear, and/or the flow is strong, I can feel it coming in through my head, and occasionally the entire flow from the top of my head, through my body and out my hands.

Awareness of the Flow
The latest thing I've been experimenting with began with noticing that the flow can begin as strong and powerful and slowly it wanes into a light stream, and then no stream at all, or even a reflection of the energy as if there were a block in the way. When I first noticed this I realized that if I remove my hands before the flow gets to the point of no-stream, that the recipient had not been finished with receiving the Reiki, and may not have received the full amount they needed in order to do whatever it was needed for.

Upon experimenting with this on myself, I noticed that if I withdrew the Reiki prior to the no-steam point that the ailment I had been hoping to ease was still there to some degree. However, if I allowed the flow of Reiki to continue until it was finished then all the symptoms of the ailment were gone. This experiment fascinated me. I'm not done experimenting with it on myself yet, as I rarely have the patience to keep my hands on myself long enough in order to get to the no-stream point. But I'm fascinated with the results I have seen, and am eager to see more!

If you experiment with any of these on yourself or others, please feel free to share your experiences! I'd love to hear about them!
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