Shifting Energy in Dreams

My dreams have been new and interesting lately. I feel like I'm being educated.

I'm being shown—more like something is causing experience to happen that I can feel in and around my body—how to shift energy. I'm not exactly sure, yet, what the purpose is of my learning to shift energy, nor when to use it, or to what means.

In the dreams, I experience physical sensations in my body—in the areas of my chakras and my hands—that shift the vibrational reality around my body, and throughout the world. It feels as though a golden white light radiates in and around me and around everything that holds the focus of my attention. It's warm, soft and sparkly… much like how I've described Reiki to feel to me.

It's beyond what words can describe—it's a feeling—an experience that is deeper than what can be understood with the mind. As I sit here remembering the sensations that were felt throughout these dreams, I become still—I disappear into nothingness for a moment.

These dreams are introducing me to a way of existing that's different from what I've ever experienced in physical reality. It's like a form of physical therapy that I'm going through, but it's my non-physical body that's going through the therapy—learning how to use aspects of itself that have been asleep for a long while. In my waking life, the *muscle* memory is there for how to access these dreamlike states of energetic being. The more I work with it in my dreams, the more present it becomes in my waking life.

I have no doubt that Reiki is involved in this evolution. As I said, the energy *feels* like Reiki—though it's stronger and more ever-present than I've experienced it before. Which makes me wonder more and more if I'm becoming ready for the third level of Reiki—the spiritual level.

I still have some reservations about the *master/teacher* label that comes with that level. Though, I'm working on releasing resistance to it. Reiki is something that I've been guided to do by something beyond myself. My mind doesn't yet know or understand the purpose of my learning Reiki, or what my intentions are for using it. But there is an intuitive drive to progress further into the process. In many areas of my life I'm working on releasing resistance and allowing it to unfold as it will. Reiki is no exception—I will allow it to unfold as it is naturally intended to—no pressure to push forward, and no resistance to hold me back, just allowing, allowing, allowing.

I trust that I'm being guided toward my the most benevolent version of myself, and with each step in my life—forward or back—it's toward this.
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