Facing Demons

As I was laying in bed before sleep last night, I closed my eyes and felt a lot of energy swirling around me. I took a step back from it to just experience it, and as I did so, visions came to me of scary-looking people, with eyes that sort of gazed into my soul as if to suck it out of me… it freaked me out a bit.

Then I noticed these glass jars being placed over their heads and their bodies would fall away… like, their heads were being trapped inside the jar, and their power was being restricted by not having access to their body… but they were still frightening… so they stayed locked up and hidden away. And I still feared them.

Then I wondered what would happen if I choose to let them all out of their jars at once… To face the fear I have of them all at the same time. I remember reading somewhere that when having dreams of being chased by something scary to turn around and face the thing chasing you. You'll see that it can't do you any harm, or that it's really not all that scary.

So I let them all out of their jars. They all came running at me at once, and I turned and ran in fear… then remembering that they can't hurt me. I stopped and turned around to face them. They were shooting arrows at me, swinging things and grabbing at me, but nothing touched me. It was as if I was the only solid thing there, everything else was a ghost, and passed right through me. I stood there more firmly and dared them to give me all they got… and they did, and I still stayed safe and solid where I stood.

I could feel the energy swirling around my body and was able to somehow get that to be still with me also. I felt fearless and brave. Such an empowering experience!

Thought I'd share :)
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