It's okay to feel

I accept who I am. I'm aware of the things that cause me to turn my head away to not look. I know what they are, and when I choose not to look it is out of fear. I acknowledge that. I know that fear is not the ideal way to handle things. No. But it happens. And it's okay when it does. I accept it as being part of who I am. Accept me, or don't—that's your choice, and either way it really doesn't matter to me. I accept who I am either way. And, if you choose not to accept me… I accept you for that. It's okay.

I don't need to psycho-analyze what I do… or why I might do it. Doing that only keeps me stuck in it—in the past. I choose to move past what is happening in the physical now to focus on the potential of all that might be. All that might be, in the vibrational now. Vibrationally is where my reality is happening. It's all happening right now. Whatever I focus on is what I feel is happening. When I focus on the physicality of what appears to be now, it's vibrationally in the past. All the possibilities are really the right now. So, I focus there. And there, there is nothing to analyze—just feel. The heart feels. The brain analyzes.

I'm living from my heart. I can use my brain minimally to understand what is necessary to function, but all in all, I can and will and DO live from my heart. I'm not pushing away the analytical mind that arises so often, but I can acknowledge when the balance is shifted far in its direction and nudge it back toward centered—at which time, I'll say "more heart".

Believe what you want about me. It really has nothing to do with me. Whatever your beliefs are, they are a mirror. What do they say about how you feel of yourself? It's the same for me. Whatever I believe about you is a mirror, yes.

I release all beliefs that no longer serve me. I can see you as the light of God. I know you are a divine being incarnated on this earth—just like me. You're beautiful, and strong. You are Love. You're radiant. I see YOU. The real you. The you that is me. We are one.

Sit until the bell rings.

School and meditation—fundamentally they're the same. We're here to learn. To expand our knowledge and to grow in understanding. The difference is meditation is done internally while school is external.

There's a scale of male and female within us all that is in the process of balancing. The male—knowledge, external, school—aspect of us is being balanced by the female—feeling, internal, mediation—aspect of us. Each one of us—everything on Earth—has both male and female energies within us.

We humans have been predominately experiencing male energies for the last 12,920 years. We've been gaining knowledge, and understanding of what it is like to live in the physical 3-D reality. We've been exploring the things external to our selves and have developed a thorough thought-based interpretation of what we think is going on.

Now, we are in the process of balancing. The female energies are waking up.

Our feelings, our intuition, our inner knowing is waking up. Yin is coming to the foreground to help balance the thinking, rational, logical, male, yang energies that have been dominating humanity for so long.

Neither one of them alone is any better than the other, but together, working in harmony they can equalize each other and create a beautiful utopia where intuition and knowledge work together.

And, the bell that rings… represents a sudden shift. We sit—sometimes at peace, and sometimes anxious—awaiting the looming ring of the bell that means something has ended, and something new has begun. When the school bell rings, we can turn off our mind-based thinking and go play. We can run around and be creative. When the meditation bell rings we can open our eyes and experience the outer world again. We can experience our senses and evaluate what we experience physically.

And, when the Earth's bell rings, the world as we know it will change. In exactly what way—I don't know. But it feels beautiful. It feels free. It feels light and unified.

Trust that there is nothing to fear. Just as there is nothing to fear from the school or meditation bells ringing. When the Earth bell rings, it'll be different. It will be invigorating. It will be new. We will be butterflies newly emerged from our cocoon, ready to experience the same world in a whole new way.

So, be still and know, intuit, feel and trust that the bell, so soon, will ring.

Flower petals & bunnies

What's done is done. We can either accept it and move on, or we can wish it was done differently… play out a variety of different scenarios to see which one might have been better, and stress out that it wasn't done that way. When we put it that way, it sounds like an easy choice, doesn't it?

"Paralysis by analysis" a wise one said…

I'm done thinking. I'm letting my heart lead the way. When I think, I try too hard. My heart knows the way, it knows without a doubt. But why do I doubt it, then bring it into my mind and try to rationalize a reason for why it should be one way or another? My heart KNOWS. I must trust it. I must.

Keep moving & making…

I'm choosing to accept that it happened the way it happened for a reason. I don't know what that reason is. But it happened that it happened. It happened. I accept that. I accept that it happened. I don't condone the behavior. Yes, it *could* have been done better. But it happened the way it happened. THAT is the reality that unfolded. I'm working with it. I can accept that.

And the responses to the situation… they happened the way they happened too. It all *could* have been done *better*… so what? It is what it is. Move on.

That's it. I'm done TRYING. There is no try. Only do.

No more anxiety over how something will be presented, nor worries about how people will respond. I don't want those any more. I'm done with them. They can move on to another timeline. This one no is no longer in need of their services.

So… that's all pretty resistant, isn't it?

Anxiety & worry… well, they've been there because they've been there too. sigh… a never ending loop of *shoulds* and preferences.

Accept, accept, accept. Om. Breathe. It's all okay, just the way it is. More breath. Deep inhales, deep exhales. It is what it is. No more thinking. Breathing. Listening. Feeling. Trusting. Loving. Tears. Finally. I cracked. The shell around the heart that was resisting has cracked & the light can come in… and out. Well, wasn't that all just flower petals and bunnies? Ugh… it is what it is. More breath.

I am a miracle made up of particles.

I visited with my mom in a dream last night. It was nice to be with her… and feel so close to her again—to talk about the things that have been going on in my reality—to share with her the things I'm loving and to feel her excitement about them, like she always did.

There is nothing inherently wrong with death. Since my moms transition I've learned, or gleaned, or somehow obtained a better understanding… or a better feeling… about what happens to us after death, of what we really are, and of where we come from.

There are so many sources that believe what they speak is "truth". For me, I think *truth* is what feels right to us. For we are the only ones who it really matters to. So, while this feels right to me, it may not be so for you. I respect that.

What are we? What am I?
Such a deep question that many of us have asked ourselves many, many times. I don't claim to really know what I am. But I feel as though I am something beyond this physical body—something beyond my thoughts and the situations that happen during this time/space reality. I AM. I am that I am. That's it, simply put. How can one expand upon that? We can't really. All further explanation is really just words we're trying to put on something that is wordless—on something that cannot be described. That said, I am an eternal vibrational energetic consciousness that has taken form in this physical body to experience time-space reality and to grow through these experiences. I am NOT this body. This body is purely a vessel—a divine vessel—through which I can experience time/space.

As all of those who have come and gone before me, this vessel is aging and the eternal vibrational energetic being-ness of who I am will someday leave the time/space world and go home.

"Home is where your heart is." I have that sign on my wall. When we acknowledge who we really are, and that we became incarnated into this physical world we can feel at home.

Where is home? What is home?
I recently enjoyed reading Journey of Souls. The author shares a lot of detailed information about how his clients perceive the space between death and rebirth while in a state of hypnosis. All so fascinating. I recommend this book for anyone on a similar quest for this type of understanding.

Home to me, is the feeling of pure joy, uninhibited, infinite pure blissful ecstasy. It's the total understanding of who I am—the acknowledgement of being pure energy.

We carry home with us in our hearts. It's with us always. We can let the walls down around it and let it shine through—shine brightly into everything we do. We can bring home to us while we are on this physical time/space world. There does not need to be any separation between where we are now, and where we feel at *home*.

"The time has come to speak of this love" says Trevor Hall. The time has come. It's time to allow our hearts to shine as brightly as they can—to let down our walls and illuminate. Knowing that we are not our human bodies, we also know that nothing can hurt us. There is no need for walls to be up around our hearts. Nothing is in need of such protection. The light that shines from our hearts is stronger and more powerful than anything which we perceive can harm it. It's time to own our choices, and choose to let down our walls.

We are here to illuminate the planet and help all of humanity and Gaia rise in consciousness—to bring home to Earth. It's time to shine so the rest of humanity will see that they too can shine, that we can all break down the walls around our hearts and shine. The time is coming. The critical mass is on its way when so many hearts will be shining brightly—there will be so much love shining throughout and within this world that more and more of us will be willing to shine. Has it already happened? Can you feel the shift? Is there more love on this world than there is fear? I can feel it. It's here. My heart shines, and I see no need for the walls…

I could go on and on… but it's time to stop now… time to pause… and resume again at a later *time*…

Some inspirational sounds:
Nahko requests we share the album for the below song. So there's a zip file of the whole album uploaded on my website available for you to download.

So much love, so much peace, and joy, and bliss…

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