Into the hands of God/Source/Spirit…

I release all relationships. I release all concepts and ideas and beliefs about what a relationship is and isn't. I do not define any relationships. You and I… we just are. I Am. You Are.

I'm done grasping onto anyone, the concept of who I believed they were, onto any belief of who I might think they are. I'm done clinging to any concepts that they have anything for me, and can do anything for me. I'm done resisting them.

I'm done thinking that I can do anything for them. I see them as a light of God/Source/Spirit—whatever you want to call it—who can be or do or have anything. If any of that should come through me, it's not because of my doing—it's because of their asking, and God responding. I didn't do anything to make it happen. The same is true of them for me.

There are no strings of energy attached between us, no avenues through which energy can be drawn unconsciously. I release those. I cut all strings of energy that were once there that helped keep the illusion alive that you had something for me, and that I had something for you. The only one that has anything for either of us is God, and that's where I'm staying connected. I'm staying connected to the moon, rather than the finger that points to it.

This is all what I want, and it's what I'm asking for. It's what I'm working on myself to maintain with all human beings on Earth. No expectation that anyone, anywhere can do anything for me. If they happen to appear to give me anything, it's God working through them—not because I expected them to, or because they were obligated to.

I take full, complete, 100% responsibility for everything in my life. It's here because I've asked it to be here. I don't need to defend anything to anyone. There's nothing to defend. It's all been released into the hands of God. "Let go and Let God" as Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it… I completely surrender into the hands of God. Completely. What will be, will be. Ah, so.

If I slip up and fall back into old habits, I'm able to acknowledge it quickly, and can easily find my connection to source again and maintain balance.

I can accept others truly as they are without wanting them to be any more or less than they are. In my eyes, you're just as you're meant to be. So am I. No changes necessary.

I feel great love, and have the faith that this can and will be done "on Earth as it is in Heaven" so to speak…
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