My body has been trying to tell me something for months—since September of last year; a few weeks after my mom passed.

It's speaking to me more loudly now than it was then. I've been afraid to listen, so it's getting louder. If I want to heal this, it's time now, to get past the fears and listen.

It feels like a firey, burning, boiling sensation all over my skin. Like there is something burning inside of me to get out—something too big for my skin.

When I can stop resisting it, and breathe and BE WITH the whole sensation of what it is to be in my body right now—well, I can feel it release. Through the top of my head, the energy disperses and dissipates. The burning subsides and as a whole, I feel acceptable. I can love myself. I can hold my Self in loving arms and feel comforted and supported. I do have a choice about whether or not I suffer through it.

More of this please. More of the loving, accepting, comforted, supported feeling. I'd like that.

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