Reiki "Master" and Teacher certification

Yesterday, I completed my Usui Reiki level III (Master/Teacher) certification.

So… what does that mean?

I've been wondering this for years: "What does the term 'master' really mean?" I've come and gone through a bunch of different theories.

Right now, the theory I like the most is that "master" doesn't mean that the person HAS mastered Reiki… as I really don't think that's possible with anything. There's always more to learn about everything. I know my Reiki experiences will continue to expand and I'll be forever learning more and more about it.

Once upon a time, I heard that the Reiki "Master" attunement is really the beginning of the journey with Reiki. I received my first level III (master) attunement in October, 2011, and my Reiki journey blossomed then. I feel that what this person said rings true for me—Level III is the introduction into a whole new-wide world. It's the beginning of something…

What Reiki Master means to me is that the person has been dedicated enough to learning Reiki that they've begun, and continue to experience all three levels of training—physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual.

The term "Master"—master of anything—means the person IS dedicated to mastering their chosen art over the period of their lifetime. Mastering something is never about getting to the end, and saying YES, I've finally GOT IT! It's about the journey of processing and working with the constant changing nature of it within each moment; it's about becoming that thing and carrying it with them in everything they do.

So, as a Reiki Master, that's what I do.

As a Reiki Teacher… well, I'm certified to teach and pass Reiki attunements, but I'm not yet drawn to doing it. I'm not really sure what the next step of my Reiki journey will be. I'm not sure if I'll ever teach people outside my circle of friends and family. I may, I may not. I really don't know what the future holds.

I'm here, now. And I guess the next step will naturally present itself when the time is right. I remain open to receiving that guidance at that time.

Accepting Cancer, and everything…

I'm finally coming to accept the nature of my mother's death. It's been a hilly process—lots of ups and downs, but I can finally see it with acceptance. 

I believe there is a way to appreciate and see everything with compassion. Really. There's something about everything, that when thought of in the right light, can be seen with love and acceptance. 

One of the challenging things for me to see in an accepting way has been cancer. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, she struggled through the chemo treatments, went into remission, and it returned months later. She had an inoperable tumor and went through another round of chemo, then about 2 years after her initial diagnosis, she left her body and ended her suffering.

At first, when she was diagnosed, it seemed to me as though the diagnosis alone was a death sentence, and that tortured me. The idea of my mom dying was the worst thing I could imagine. I had little understanding about what cancer is, or how it treats the human body—how it's caused, or how it's cured. Three of my grandparents had also died of cancer, but I wasn't as involved in their process as I was with my mom. So many people I've known who have been diagnosed with cancer have died. That's where my focus was. I had little hope.

I have a much different perspective about cancer now then I did when my mom was diagnosed. I no longer see it as a death sentence.

Let me preface by saying that I see the WHOLE UNIVERSE differently now than I did then. I can see how we manifest our thoughts into existence, and that everything we experience is here because we have asked for it in some way. Everything in the physical world has an energetic vibration. It's the stuff we're made of—vibrating electro-magnetic energy. And since everything in our physical world (the third dimensional reality) has an energetic vibration… then cancer must also, and I respect that energy's right to exist.

"What we resist persists."
You may have heard that before. It's true.
When we resist something we are in vibrational alignment with the the thing we are resisting, and when we are in vibrational alignment with anything, it continues to exist in our lives. This is what is meant by "like attracts like" and the Law of Attraction.

We live in a physical world where matter manifests because of the energetic vibrations that have asked it to manifest, and those energetic vibrations are our thoughts, our feelings… the way we feel about our thoughts. We live in a world where our thoughts become reality. So often we are thinking and feeling unconsciously, and manifesting things into our lives that we don't want.

So, like everything else, cancer is something we've unconsciously asked for, as individuals and as a society. All illness we experience is in our existence because on some level, we have asked for it to be there.

Now, I can see it as a tool. Cancer is a tool used by some of us to exit the physical realm. For others, it's a tool to help us wake up to what we are asking for in life, a way to catalyze a different way of thinking and feeling. Neither of these things are inherently bad. No, they just are part of the story.

And death… this sort of opens up a whole different can of worms for so many people. There is nothing inherently wrong with death either. We are eternal beings who have temporarily taken form in physical bodies to experience the third dimensional Earth reality. Death is the process of dropping they physical body and returning our consciousness to our eternal non-physical beingness.

I've heard life described as an on-going movie playing in a theater: we walk into the movie (born into our lives), then sit down and watch it for a period of time. The other people in the theater are the other people in our lives. At some point we get up and leave the theater (death).

There are so many ways for a person to go about their death transition, and each of us chooses (at some level, not usually consciously) our method of making this transition. I can accept and respect that.

Murder, war, cancer and other incurable illnesses, sudden accidents—as society we view these things as atrocities—terrible ways to die. But what are they really, in the bigger picture of things? They are tools—methods that the non-physical part of us chooses to use in order to drop the body and return to where we came from before we were born.

While on the physical plane I can understand the heart-ache, suffering and pain that goes along with experiencing the loss of someone we're used to existing in the physical world with us, I can also see that their essence has not really gone. They've just changed form—turned from physical to non-physical.

So, I'm not going to hate cancer because it was the method my mom choose to use to leave her body in the physical world. I don't wish to vibrate a hateful energy… but, more acceptance. Acceptance and respect for all of it, even cancer.

I can't justify donating any more money to the research to cure cancer, or any other incurable disease. The research isn't getting us any closer to curing it. What we do by focusing so much on resisting cancer is proliferating the existence of cancer.

If it's important enough for an individual to cure themselves of their "disease", then there IS a cure—it's within us. It has to do with the way we think and feel about our reality… it's about consciously asking for what we WANT to receive in our lives. It's about what FEELS right. Each one of us has the power and ability within us to heal our bodies of whatever ailments arise, including cancer.

We are the creators of our reality, and we CAN create consciously. That means, it's possible to overcome a diagnosis of cancer by creating the feeling of a healthy, good feeling, well-functioning, strong body. When we have a desire for something in our lives, it's not the thing that we crave, it's the feeling we get from having, or being or doing that thing.

Here's a simple example: think of a bright, warm, sunny day. Think of that warmth surrounding your body and warming you from the outside in. Can you feel it? It's that feeling that will bring the thing into existence. Thinking of sunny warmth will manifest a bright sunny day, or some other way of bringing that same feeling into your life—whatever is in the best interest for you individually.

In a recent conversation I had with a group of knitters about this, one of them said that they "love having new yarn", but what they really love is the feeling they get inside when they receive new yarn. There's a monumental difference here.

When we can tap into the feeling we get inside of what it's like to actually have that thing, it (or something even better that brings you that feeling) will come into existence. Quantum physics has proven this. Here's a great video by Gregg Braden. If you want to learn more about how quantum physics proves this, I highly suggest checking out more of his videos and his books.

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