Yoga and Raw Tuesday

10:18 AM:
I've decided to make my Raw day-of-the-week the day that I do yoga with my favorite yoga teacher. I leave class feeling SO refreshed and clean. Certainly not feeling like I need any sort of comfort foods—the perfect time for Raw! (IMO)

So, today's yoga class was phenomenal! I went into class feeling angry at the boss of a friend of mine. But after realizing that anger only produces more anger, I began repeating the phrase "Breathe in" (as I breathed in) and "Let go" as I breathed out. I'm amazed at how helpful that actually was. I kept it with me throughout the class, and it really helped me let go and just be there physically with the teachers words. I felt balanced and supported by something other than myself. In downward-facing-dog, there was an invisible triangle supporting my core. I swear, I was not holding myself up; my muscles were all relaxed and something else was doing it. I've never experienced that before.

My teacher, Lorraine, had us do a bunch of balancing poses one after the other. On my left foot I flowed easily from on to the other with minimal wobble. My right foot tends to be more difficult, for some reason my outside edge wants to hold all the weight, and the big toe edge is always lifting up. But that didn't happen as much today. I did wheel for the first time in class—twice. I've always been afraid, but today I felt extra strong and confident. I didn't drop my leg in side-plank and I felt supported again. It was really an amazing phenomenon.

As for my diet today, I've had 1 apple and I'm eating half a grapefruit.
I keep forgetting that I need to eat more raw to feel satisfied. I have plenty of apples and a banana with me for fruit, and I've made a salad for lunch, and have some zuccaroni and cheeze with me too if I want it. As long as that chocolate on the main table stays put (or gets eaten by coworkers) I should be fine.

My goal is to make it longer than I did last Tuesday—3:30 PM
We'll see!

2:56 PM

I can feel the urge to enjoy chocolates haunting me. I have the feeling, that if I just eat some dates, that I'll totally just give in and eat the chocolates...

3:09 PM

It worked! I crave no chocolate! Maybe I'll actually make it until 5. Wouldn't that be nice?
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