The new year

Whenever I have alcohol, the first place my body feels it is the back of my neck, right where my skull meets my neck. It aches… then eventually goes away and I can relax. I tend to avoid alcohol because I dislike this feeling.

Last night James and I decided to give in to our cooked food cravings, as we've been tending to do each night. We drove to the nearest Chipotle and indulged in some veggie burritos. While I ate I enjoyed, but on the drive home, I noticed that feeling in the back of my neck, as if I had just consumed some intoxicating substance. However, instead of the feeling subsiding and my body relaxing, as what happens with alcohol, instead my body continued to tense up and a rather unpleasant headache formed… and remained throughout the night.

James also had a pretty rough time dealing with his burrito.

So, why do I continue to make myself suffer to just enjoy a short period of time where I enjoy the taste of something? It just doesn't make sense to continue doing things like this. So, it tastes good… but is it worth the physical and sometimes emotional suffering that comes along with it? Nah, I don't think so. At least not right now. Last night was pretty unpleasant, and I think I'd like to avoid another instance of cooked food induced headache if possible.

On Ravelry (an online knit and crochet community that I'm part of), there is a group of yarny-folk who are all planning on eating 100% raw for 2010. There's a group, and they're encouraging. So are the people at Raw Natural Hygiene. Not to mention the people in real life who are supportive and on a similar path as I am—James and Moth.

I've asked Reiki, and our spirit guide friends to help James and I release our cravings for cooked food… to help us do what's healthiest for our bodies, minds and spirits, and to bring us closer to eating the best foods possible. I'm ready for change. I want to be as healthy as I was for those 2 months when it was possible for me to eat a high raw diet. I've worked with this middle ground—going back and forth between cooked and raw—enough to know it's not ideal, and that what works best is eating LOTS of fruit and veggies, and I mean LOTS.

I need the encouragement and positive influence of others on this path, and not the negative, doubtful skepticism of so many people in my life. I know this is the diet that works best for my body. So, please if you have anything negative to say please keep it to yourself. I'm weak enough about this process as it is, and I don't need any additional negative pressure coming from anyone outside of myself. This is challenging, but worth the struggle—SO worth the struggle.

Today's Consumption Log
• 5 large Clementines
• 8 bananas

Green Smoothie: 1 apple, 2 bananas, 1 cup chopped kale
• Salad: 1 apple, 1 green pepper, a third of a cucumber, spring greens, mixed nuts, some banana chips and raisins


MOTH said...

You got it. :-) You tend to undereat on fruit and then crave cooked carbs later as your body cries out for more cals, so set yourself up to succeed and push yourself to eat more fruit then ever today. If complex carbs start to look/smell appealing it's because you haven't eaten enough fruit. Fruit is supporting, you won't gain weight from tons of fruit, but you will gain satiation and the ability to sustain the diet over the long term.

Check out this article by Freelea:

MOTH said...

You're so RAWKIN it!! Way to go! :-))

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