Class 4

Today's yoga class was the most difficult of them all. I've stopped myself more than once today from over thinking of things that may have caused it. It was just an off day.

Toward the beginning of the class (which was at 6:30 this morning mind you...) in one of our first downward facing dog poses my arms began to shake... Enter "monkey mind": "Uh oh... I'm not feeling very strong today". That set the stage for the rest of the class.

I learned from it though. I learned that the statement above is a broad over-generalization and if I notice it happen in the future that I could use it as a trigger to cultivate strength and energy throughout my body, rather than succumb to it's power over me.

As much as the vigorous part of the class kicked my butt, the stretching and relaxing parts really made up for it. I was finally able to do the half moon pose on my right foot without falling over! That made me happy. And I'm learning how to position my body more in some of the stretching poses; how to open up my hips and heart and just breathe. Ahh...

Anyway. I'm glad I have a few days off before my next "class", however I really want to just run through some of the sun salutations over the next few days. Keep those muscles alive, ya know?

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