YOGA!!! Wow.

So, I went to my first yoga class last night, and although I can feel every muscle in my body doing something I totally can't wait for my next class. It's incredible!

The room is kept around 90 degrees so we sweat it all out! It also really helps muscles relax so they're more flexible. Makes sense, but I didn't think of it until I experienced it. The warmer I got the easier it was to get into the poses. My body is learning to hold itself differently already—just from that one class. Everything I do I am conscious of how my body is holding itself. That might have something to do with being able to feel practically every muscle in my body... but I dunno. I like it.

I ate my lunch yesterday around 2:30 because they recommend doing yoga on an empty stomach. The class was at 7, so I didn't want to eat anything after 3. After class I just ate an apple and had some water. But other than that I wasn't hungry.

I read on their website that after doing yoga for a while that cravings for food diminish, and you only eat when you're actually hungry, not out of boredom or because of a chocolate craving... so I'm experimenting with that—keeping my eye on it and what not. After my experience last night I'm not doubting that it's true.

This morning I'm craving fruit like crazy. I'll eat an apple or something on my way into work, and my friend M gave us some watermelon that I'm bringing with me. I may eat that later this morning.

I've also really been wanting a smoothie lately, so last night I bought a pineapple to help along the likely-hood of it happening...

Wow, I'm babbeling and I'm late for work... gotta go make a salad.

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