Day 3 of Reiki was interesting. I was a water consuming machine! I have this water bottle I carry around with me, and each day I try to drink at least 2, ideally 3 bottles full of water. Yesterday I couldn't get enough of it! I drank 5 of them, and I still felt thirsty and dehydrated when I went to bed.

I shared some reiki with my little sister, who's 12 and really looks up to me. She was very eager to try it without even knowing much about it. All I basically told her was that it was healing energy that flows through my hands and into her. She seemed to feel very calm and relaxed afterward and reported feeling warm and tingly. It was really interesting to experience the difference between her and James. She was very twitchy. I figured that was just her body relaxing—releasing tension and what-not.

I also shared some reiki with my step-dad, who generally is someone who doesn't really believe in things he can't see. He recently had his knee operated on, and is now in the recovery process. He seemed very eager to see what this stuff was all about.

I gave him a relatively short healing session—longer than my sister, but shorter than a *full* session—because I had just finished with my sister, and my back was aching. I guess my body will get used to giving the sessions the more I practice them.

At the end of the session, I form my hands into a rake, and sweep over the body, removing any unwanted, unnecessary leftover energy, then release it back into the universe to be transmuted into something else. My step-dad reported that he visualized a black cloud over him, and when I did the sweeping, he felt a white cloud roll in and dissipate the black cloud. He seemed really amazed by the whole thing & seemed very grateful. From the outside, it appeared as though a thick wall that he generally has around him had been broken down a little. He seemed softer and more accepting of himself and others. Truly a beautiful sight to see.

He and my mom were aware that Reiki existed, but were uncomfortable with the idea of some stranger touching them, and unaware of what it really did. When it was requested that my mom try reiki treatments for her cancer, she was very unsure about it, and so avoided it at the time. I believe my mom has always been psychically sensitive, and has the innate ability to pick up on things, but she's never really learned anything about it, and doesn't know how to recognize when she's experiencing something on that level. I was so happy to hear from her, that when I began working on my sister that my mom FELT something. She was sincerely overwhelmed by the concept that she felt it. She even now has an interest in learning how to do reiki herself. Wouldn't that be awesome? I think she'd be a natural!

This morning (day 4) I awoke around 5:30, laid in bed for a bit to decide whether I was really awake for the day or if I could fall back to sleep for another hour or so... I was indeed awake, so I decided I'd use the time for some meditation and reiki. Since I had the time, I decided to give myself a full session, during which I tried to stay as focused as possible on the moment, without drifting into thoughts of yesterday and later today. It was a challenge, but something happened that seemed to be helpful. My body began swaying side to side. Occasionally it would pull one direction more than the other. I could only relate it to the swing I've experienced from a pendulum. It intrigued me, so I began asking questions, like should I water fast today, and should I eat only fruit today. I established that pulling to the right meant yes, and pulling to the left meant no. It was really interesting to witness this phenomenon.

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