My Second Reiki Healing Session

Wow. Last night's reiki session was pretty amazing.

Moments after Starr put her hands on my head my eyelids began vibrating—similar to what I've seen of people during REM sleep, but I was awake. Afterward I mentioned this to Starr, and she said she'd heard of that happening before, and said it may have something to do with the third eye opening. That makes sense to me, because it felt as though my 2 regular eyes were turning themselves off. I was resistant at first because it was so sudden, and the resistance is what caused the vibrations. But as I relaxed and allowed my body to do what it wanted with the energy, my eyes slowly stopped vibrating and calmly closed.

It lasted about an hour, and each time Starr moved her hands I had to readjust. She'd place her hands, I'd feel a moment of resistance, my mind would wander then I'd come back, breathe and let go. This happened over and over again. I enjoyed the process of sitting back and watching. Whenever I began having expectations of how something should be happening, I'd remind myself to just relax and let things happen as they willed.

There were lots of really interesting moments, like when she was near my left shoulder, I felt something in there DEEP—something emotional that was trying to remain hidden. It did a pretty good job at staying hidden, but it was wiggled loose. Later, when I was back at home unloading groceries, etc… from my car, I loaded everything up onto my left shoulder, and noticed a correlation—my left shoulder carries heavy things for me. So it only makes sense that that might be where I subconsciously carry heavy emotions. I'm really interested in watching this further.

When Star had her hands on my left foot, I felt energy slowly slipping up my body, in what I can only describe as Kundalini. I can't say I'd ever felt it like this before, but now I can understand why Kundalini is described as snake-like—the energy slowly crept along, weaving around my chakras like a snake—. A very cool sensation.

Afterward I felt light and airy, but also slightly dizzy, dehydrated and ravenously hungry. The dizziness went away pretty quickly, and the dehydration and hunger were easily fixed—the lightness and airiness are still lingering.

I was able to avoid eating any bad-for-me foods yesterday! At the beginning of the session, Starr asked for any spirit guides who work with me to help me to eat the foods that are best for me. I'm hoping someone was listening, I could really use any help I can get!

Starr said that there's nothing I *have* to do to prepare for the attunement, but she said that if I wanted to, I could work on lightening by avoiding red meats (which I do anyway), and eating lots of fruits & veggies, drinking lots of water, meditating, doing yoga... so basically the things I strive toward doing on a regular basis. I'm happy she told me these things—it's motivating for me to eat well and really take care of myself until the attunement. Baby steps.

Just for today, don't get angry, don't worry, be grateful, work hard, and be kind to others.

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