Helping a Sheep with Reiki

I had a really amazing experience today that involves Reiki. I’m being guided to share it with you guys. The synchronicity in life just keep coming up for me, and this one felt truly magical.
It began with a chaotic morning…

The sheep farm where I attend a knitting group had their “Shearing Day” today. On my way there, to help myself chill out and relax about the morning, I guided myself, out-loud, through a grounding meditation, where each of my chakras was balanced and aligned with its higher purpose… I called upon my guides, Reiki guides, angels, etc and asked them to work with me and through me today to maintain the balanced chakras, and whatever else would be in my highest good… I’m quickly learning that whenever they are involved with my life it’s truly amazing what happens. I’ve been more and more likely to remember to talk to them and invite them to work with and through me on a daily basis lately.

So, I felt pretty good by the time I got to the farm—not perfect, but better. There was a table inside with a sheep’s fleece spread out all over it, and there were a few women picking out hay, etc. I wasn’t sure where help was needed, or where I should be.

Someone mentioned that a lamb was born that morning, and I should go meet the lamb, and see what the sheering process was like… so I went out to the barn. At the barn, a sheep was just being finished getting her hair cut, and the fleece needed to be brought indoors… So, I brought it inside.
Once back inside, someone urged me back out to the barn… suggesting I watch the whole process from A–Z for one sheep. Back out to the barn I went… At this point, I felt pretty useless, and really didn’t know why I was there. They seemed to have everything under control, and everyone had a purpose already. I sort of felt in the way.

Itty Bitty
Back in the barn I’m introduced to Itty Bitty—a beautiful multi-colored Finnish sheep with dark brown and black fleece around her neck, and on her head, and a lighter brown fleece on her rear. She’s beautiful, and pregnant—about to lamb any time. I helped pick hay out of her fleece as she waited in line to be shorn, and I felt my Reiki turn on to assist in calming her. She nuzzled up her face to my cheek—it was the sweetest thing.
Picking hay out of Itty Bitty's fleece while
she waits in line for shearing.
(Disclaimer: this gets graphic… )
As she was being shorn, we saw a protrusion poking out of her vagina. To me it looked like the size of a lambs head… so I asked. It wasn’t the lamb. I guess it was part of the uterus. They said this happens sometimes before birth, when the body is stressed. I don’t really know the details… It didn’t mean the lamb was coming. But, it was big, and so, so red. It concerned me, but it didn’t seem to concern the others, who were more experienced at this, so I didn’t worry.
Then… as the sheerer is just about finished, the tip of the buzzers punctured this protrusion, and blood starts pulsating out of the wound. Everyone was really centered and patient with the process that unfolded thereafter. There was a former nurse among us who suggested we put snow onto it to help slow the bleeding, someone was there to apply pressure onto a towel over the wound, and a few of us held her down so she didn’t hurt herself. There was a LOT of blood. I was really surprised how well I handled seeing that. I’d never seen so much blood. It didn’t look like the blood you see in movies—it looked more watered down… it didn’t look real. I guess the sight of blood doesn't phase me.

The vet was called and had a half-hour drive before she would arrive. So, three of us sat with Itty Bitty—holding her wound, holding her down, and my Reiki was flowing… Immediately, I knew why I had arrived at the farm that day, and at that particular time—I was there to help Itty Bitty with Reiki.

At some point, one of the farmers asked if I was giving her Reiki. When I acknowledged, the energy around everyone in the room brightened up. There were lots of smiles, and it felt like Itty Bitty relaxed into it more too. It was like the acknowledgement from the farmer helped Itty Bitty feel more comfortable and allowing of the Reiki.

While laying beside her on the floor of the barn, with my hands on her belly, my heart burst open and the moment felt so perfect.

By the time the vet arrived the protrusion had returned back into her body, so she couldn’t access the wound, but it was still bleeding. Someone suggested a tampon-like solution… by this time, the adrenalin that initially rushed through me had faded and I was shivering from the cold. I had to go inside to warm up. The vet and a few others patched her up, and by the time I left the farm, hours later, Itty Bitty was standing and eating.

Inside, we began sorting through her fleece—it had to be washed right away to remove the blood from the parts that had been stained. It was a really intense experience to sift through her fleece, pulling out hay and finding bloody areas to rinse clean… I asked what they were going to do with her fleece, and expressed an interest in it. They asked if I’d like to purchase the fleece, and my heart lept.

The other farmer said she would finish washing it and have it dried so I can bring it home with me on Tuesday (knitting group day). From then, I can hand-spin it into yarn, and there is likely enough fiber for a full sweater.

This really will be an A-Z sort of experience… I saw this sheep shorn, had a magical healing experience with this particular sheep, and will forever have a piece of that to remember it by. I still feel the Reiki flowing through me into that sheep… the bond is amazing.

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Kristen said...

Four days following the experience written about above, Itty Bitty struggled to give birth to two large stillborn lambs. When I heard of this, I sent her Reiki from a distance, and asked some fellow Reiki practitioners to send it also.

I had the faith in my heart that she would survive this, and pull through okay. But, the next morning I heard the news that she passed.

This touched me so deeply. I wasn't anticipating her passing. This has been a big lesson for me in building expectations, and thinking I "know" what the Reiki is doing.

Reiki always works for the highest good of the one receiving it, so while it did not assist her in repairing her physical wound and continuing her life with us on Earth, I really believe that it helped her in whatever way she needed it most.

May she be blessed on her journey, and forever remain in the hearts of all who knew her.

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