Reiki Reading material

I've become really excited about my Reiki attunement. So much so that I can't find enough information online to read—in an attempt to prepare... It's slightly frustrating to *think* about reiki and not really understand its potential. A lot of what I read explains that reiki cannot be described with words, and it's through experience that we learn the most.

So I realize that this is a test of my patience and a tool through which I can learn how to be patient and accept the moment as it is. Though, it's a challenge when I'm filled with so much excitement and anticipation for something I *know* so little about, yet trust so fully in my heart.

Anyway, here is a collection of some things I have found useful.

Doven Star (the whole website)
Preparing for an attunement
The attunement ceremony
The first 21 days.
Reiki Self-Treatment
A reiki forum


JTHTTK said...

Some great links, thanks. You should be excited. Reiki is so simple yet so profound you'll be amazed on both sides. There are a lot of other good sites out there. One that is really up to date on the history of Reiki is

I found your blog post through Google Alerts. If I can do anything, please let me know.
JT Moore

Anonymous said...

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