My First Reiki Healing Session

Reiki seems to be continuously on my mind lately.

I went to a healing session locally, performed by students of the reiki master Starr. Carol and Dawn were the practitioners who worked with my energies. I noticed that Carol seemed to be the more experienced one, as she seemed to take the lead. I also noticed that I could feel more heat and pulsing from her hands than from Dawns. Both however, were very professional, peaceful and comforting. I would definitely work with both, or either of them again.

After the healing, Starr talked with me a bit about the healing session, and I found out that Carol is indeed more experienced. She is attuned to Usui Level 3 and Jikiden level 1. Dawn is attuned to Usui Level 2 and Jikiden Level 1.

From what I understood from our conversation, Usui Reiki is more of a universal energy healing, that works on the over-all body, while Jikiden is more generalized, concentrating more on one part of the body or another. Starr recommends that people learn Usui Reiki first, which makes sense.

When I arrived, I had felt very, and I mean VERY anxious... it was more anxiety than I usually allow myself to have in situations... and it's only a more-sure sign to me showing that I'm really meant to head down this path since I went despite the anxiety. I'll usually freak out and not do it whenever anxiety gets to be so high.

So, why was I so nervous? I think it had a lot to do with the uncertainty of what was actually going to happen during the healing, and that I was going to allow people I'd never met before to futz around with my delicate energy.

When they called me in, I removed my shoes and got onto the massage table. Dawn covered me with a blanket. I lay on my back, closed my eyes and breathed. In addition to the energy work that was being done, the time was a great meditation session—lots of breathing.

Afterwards, when I sat up I felt light and airy—calm, peaceful and soft. Soft was the best word I could come up with at the time to describe the way I felt. Everything was soft—inside and out. The back pain I had from moving recently was gone and the anxiety was absolutely no where to be found. A great experience all around. I'm definitely confident that it's a healthy path for me.

I just clicked a link I found on Twitter, and found a few questions that are commonly asked to new Reiki students. I figured I'd take a few minutes to figure out how I answer them:

Are you ready?
Yes! More than ever.

Do you have a working knowledge?
I was hoping I'd learn how it works exactly during the attunement class, but I think I have an idea of what happens.

What are your expectations?
I'm expecting to feel similar to how I felt after the reiki session, and have the ability to help ease physical ailments by touch.

What is your motivation?
I want to help heal myself and the world. I want to tell people that I'm sending them healing thoughts and actually be able to send something. I want to feel as though my intentions can help the world be a more peaceful place.

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