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Because of the mainstream hype surrounding the movie The Secret, I resisted watching it for years. Whenever something gets THAT MUCH attention I instinctively avoid it like the plague. Eventually, one lazy afternoon I was browsing through Netflix and there was really nothing else that seemed remotely interesting. So, I watched it. It was pretty much as I had expected it to be—nothing spectacular, and a lot of information was missing from the movie. At the time I wasn't sure exactly what information was missing, so it left me asking a lot of questions.

In a way I'm really thankful I finally did watch it. Otherwise I would not have found myself asking questions. It set the stage for a journey into understanding as much as I possibly can about the Law of Attraction. Of course I'm still on that journey, but I'm being guided to share with you what I've learned up to this point.

Let me start by referring you to the Vibrational Reality post I made recently, which explains the nature of the energetic world that we will be speaking of shortly. If you're new to the idea of everything consisting of electro-magnetic energy, then I highly suggest reading that post before we continue.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Because we live in an energetic universe where everything consists of energy, what the Law of Attraction is really saying is like energy attracts like energy—like a magnet.

We learned in the Vibrational Reality post that energy vibrates within a frequency range that we humans can experience. The emotions we feel are a reflection of the frequency we're accessing. Therefore, whenever we are vibrating at a certain frequency (feeling a certain emotion), we will only be able to translate the vibrations at that frequency.

Let me go a little further with what I mean by "translate the vibrations":
We have these five senses—taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight—and we experience the world through these senses. Our senses are the gateway between the energetic reality and the physical reality. Through our senses we translate the vibration into something we can experience—a sound, a smell, a sensation, taste and an image. There's a lot more to this, but that's the gist of it. I may go into it further in a future post. If you're curious about it now, check out information about the holographic universe.
To the left is a chart illustrating the frequency range we humans can experience. Use the labels on the chart lightly. Understanding the Law of Attraction doesn't have much to do with mentally memorizing the order in which the emotions appear on the scale… but it's more about how they feel, and which ones (to you) feel better and worse then the others. It may or may not be the same for different people, as we each could be feeling the same feeling, but calling it something differently. So, it's more important how it feels than what it's called.

With that knowledge under your belt now, I can explain how I use that and the Law of Attraction in relationship to my day-to-day life. Basically, I maintain mindfulness (as much as possible) of how my body feels and take notice when it shifts to a worse feeling.

So… that needs a little more explaining. It's not that I focus on or look for the worse feeling—doing that would attract a worse feeling to me—but it's more like I've asked my body to shoot up a red flag if I happen to notice a down shift in frequency.

It's taken some time to get to the point of actually noticing the shift, but now it's to the point where the shift down in energy—if it happens suddenly in reaction to something I'm experiencing—it's like diving from air into water. Pretty obviously dense and different.

Once I'm aware of the frequency shift, I can use it as an opportunity to make conscious decisions about how to respond to it. "Find a better feeling thought" is something Abraham Hicks has taught me. Once I notice myself shifting down, I can choose to think thoughts that help me feel a little better about the situation. Thinking better feeling thoughts helps to raise the vibration. So does gratitude—we can think (and feel) of something that we are thankful for and that will raise the vibration as well.

One thing I found myself running into often was trying to take too big of a jump. Let's say I was feeling angry or depressed and I tried to think loving, happy thoughts. It wouldn't work. I would notice more contraction and resistance to the happy thoughts, and I wouldn't feel any better—worse maybe because it contrasted where I was, then I'd develop self-criticism or shame about not being happy.

It's all about baby steps. From depressed and getting down on myself for not doing anything right, maybe a better feeling thought could be something like: "well, at least I'm aware I'm depressed now, and I'm not resisting it anymore." Then, "I'm being honest with myself about how I'm feeling—that feels a little better", and continuing with just whatever makes you feel a little bit better until eventually you're satisfied with where you're at.

Radical honesty is another big thing I've learned from this—being as honest as possible with myself about what I'm feeling. Otherwise, I'll be vibrating at frequencies that I'm unaware of and attracting things to myself that I'm unaware that I'm attracting…

One of the exercises I've used a lot is an ABC game: For each letter of the alphabet, I'll think of a good feeling word that begins with that letter. So…

A: Appreciation
B: Beauty
C: Calm
D: Divinity
E: Ease
F: Freedom
G: Grace
And it goes on like this…

I also found this to be really useful to get to know how my body feels in relationship to certain thoughts. Like, when I think "appreciation" I don't just think it, I bring the thought down into my body to see how the word feels. If it feels uplifting, great! If not, I'll choose a better feeling word before moving on to the next letter. Abraham suggests doing this while falling asleep at night.

Like I mentioned above, when we are vibrating at a certain frequency our senses will translate everything around us that is matching that frequency. And likewise, things matching that frequency will be attracted to us.

I was recently with a bunch of knitters discussing this, and a woman said that she loves when she receives new yarn. And yes, yarn is great, but it's not the yarn we love. Yarn is just a physical thing, it's the feeling that we get from receiving the yarn that we love—the feeling we get inside when we think of all the things we can make with the yarn—the feeling of how nice it is on our fingers, etc…

It's so easy for our minds to skip over the feeling step and focus on the object. The Law of Attraction is about attracting feelings to ourselves, not things. If we feel a certain way, we will attract things to us that match that feeling. If we're feeling abundant, we could attract new yarn, or a new car, or win the lottery. Or, if we're feeling irritable, we could attract (or be attracted to) traffic, or telemarketers, etc…

If you choose to experiment with this in your own life, be light about it and have fun with it. If you find yourself becoming stressed about it, put it down for awhile and maybe come back to it when life's a little easier. When starting out, it's best to start when it's simple. We don't learn how to put puzzles together with a million piece puzzle. 

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