Crochet Reiki Hearts

I'm currently in the process of going through Master/Teacher Reiki training. It's a 9-week course, and we're just about half way through.

Just for fun, last week after in the guided heart chakra meditation part of class, I got the idea to crochet up a bunch of little hearts and stuff them with crystals and herbs relating to the heart chakra and share them with my classmates.
I had some green hand-spun yarn on hand that I wasn't sure yet what to do with, so I started with that. I crocheted a bunch of hearts from that hank of hand-spun… then I kept going! I've made a ton of these things…

I choose to include rose quartz, dried lavender, rose petals and sage inside each heart. And of course, Reiki! They're all infused with Reiki energy—it was flowing while I spun the yarn, while I crocheted the heart and while I stuffed it!
The rose quartz beads were cleansed in Reiki-charged salt water, then lovingly placed into the heart, surrounded by the herbal blend.

Because I've made so many, and they're a lot of fun for me to make, I'm starting to sell them in my Etsy store and at a local farm down the road.
If you know how to crochet, please feel free to use this idea to make some hearts for yourself and/or as gifts, and I ask that if you do choose to sell anything made from any of my patterns, that 100% of the proceeds go toward a charity.

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