The Sparkles are back!

Lately I've been making a conscious decision to raise my vibrational levels. In the past, when they would raise on their own, I would often feel unprepared and have an aversion to the heightened awareness.

But the past week or so I've been consciously choosing to allow my vibrations to become higher, and in a way louder. Loud, yet soft and smooth. I'm using what I learned through Abraham (see my last post) about the law of attraction—how I'm the creator of my own reality. Manifesting is an art, and I'm the artist. Firstly, I'm manifesting the ability to raise my energy levels to align with source energy. That seems important.

Yoga classes have been happening often. I even did 2 back-to-back classes on Saturday. It was the first time I've done that. It was an amazing experience. The first class loosened me up quite a bit. The reiki flowed and surrounded me throughout the experiences. Between classes I got up and moved around a bit and it felt like I was floating. Energy was buzzing all around me and my chakras were bursting open. Then the second class concentrated a lot on heart opening poses, which got me deeper into a trance state. A great way to welcome in a new decade—for my 30th birthday.

Since Saturday, maintaining a heightened state of awareness has been more simple. All I need to do is close my eyes and breathe a few deep breaths.

Yesterday I got the desire to interact with beings from alternate dimensions, or time/space… some plane other than the one I'm in most of the time. So, I set that intention, aligned with source as well as I could, then let it go. My dreams last night were INTENSE. I can't recall much detail, but I was very conscious. It seemed very real. I could feel Reiki buzzing through my physical body, like I knew I was dreaming. Like I knew the consciousness that was experiencing the dream was outside my body, in some way. The reiki sparkled and felt so loving. What I can remember of the dream was witnessing an ET ship land, and meeting an ET named Yeula (pronounced "YOU-la". Yeula, who seemed to be male and human shaped, had a rectangle shaped head and pointy ears. He wore brightly colored clothes and had blue/grey skin. He stood in front of his ship and flew a circular object around like a Frisbee, though it would always come back to him, like a boomerang. I'm pretty sure we conversed in some way, but other than his name, I don't remember any of it.

I awoke feeling beyond peaceful, and the feeling has lasted throughout most of the day. The reiki that flowed through me during the dream seems to have stayed with me. My body becomes filled with a rush of loving tingles often. I had forgotten about this feeling. It's like the sparkles I spoke of in this post. There's so much love here for all of us up. "Close your eyes and feel it unfold"

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