JUST more yoga. That is all.

I often find myself caught in the desire to progress. Though… I'm learning to remember how to be where I am—how to move slowly and experience what is happening now, rather than trying to rush into the future.

Lately I've found myself yearning toward yoga teacher training. I've been fantasizing and desiring the act of going through the training process, and how my body, mind, spirit will feel during that process and after… I've been pushing myself to move quickly. I've been looking ahead to future yoga conferences and festivals.

But, J has helped me realize that as part of yoga training, I must learn to be where I am right now. And right now, I just need more yoga. More yoga in all ways. Just more yoga.

Of course, upon thinking "more yoga" my mind starts generating IDEAS about HOW to get more yoga into my life… Hey, I could be doing yoga right now, instead of writing this blog post (for example). But all I really need to do, is yoga. Thinking about how to do yoga in the future isn't doing anything about yoga.

This is a valuable lesson for me. Just more yoga. That is all.

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