Fruit in the AM

I've been researching a yoga studio in my area, and it just so happens that the owners (husband and wife) are both raw vegans.
So, in browsing through their website I found a page with a workshop that includes yoga and some eating advice.

While I haven't mustered up the courage to walk into a class yet, I'm really appreciating the knowledge available on their site. So a class visit probably isn't too far away.

What I read on this page is to eat only fruit before noon, as that is a time when our body cleanses, so fruit is optimal for digestion.

Today is day 2 of my "eating only fruit until noon" thing... I'm trying it out. It's a small goal, and as long as I have ample amount of fruit around I should be all set.

I feel like starting small is what I need to do, since whenever I try jumping into things I tend to recoil and jump out of the water.

My friend M has been recently going to this Prana yoga studio. So of course, because she loves it so much, she talks about it often. While I've always been curious about going to yoga classes, there are social anxieties that have prevented me from going thus far.

Since M has been going to this studio, and "testing the water" so to speak I have more confidence in my abilities to let go and just do it. Baby steps—just one class.

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