Freshly Squeezed OJ

Today started out pretty well. I squeezed 3 oranges into some juice for my breakfast. I swear, there is no better tasting juice on earth! Then I snacked on a banana then some dried cranberries a little while ago... then one of my coworkers wandered into my cube and said they were planning on ordering pizza for lunch, and asked if I'd be interested... "I shouldn't" was my response...

But I did anyway. :( At least they ordered salad to go with it.

I really hate the way I eat on weekends. Last night I was seriously craving something sugary and something carby, so after resisting chocolate and graham crackers I pulled some dates and pecans out of the cabinet. It felt a lot better eating those than if I hadn't resisted the chocolate and graham crackers. To me, that seemed like the beginning of my junk food resistance. I guess it's still baby steps—free pizza's harder to resist.

November 2, 2012 edit: Many of the prior posts have been deleted, as they were mostly written as a journal of what I was eating. I no longer feel it's necessary to have that information available. If the following flow of posts seems choppy, this is why.

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