What will 2010 bring?

Each year around this time I ask myself what I'd like to see for the following year. I used to set goals and strive toward bringing them to fruition. I'd work hard, listening to my head rather than to my heart.Over the years however, I've learned that my life has its own path—it's beyond my control, and there are things planned that are bigger than I could ever imagine. I've learned that pushing for something to happen just because *I* want it to happen can often lead to struggle and disappointment.

This year I'm trying something a little different—I'm planting seeds—throwing ideas out into the universe without expectations. These are things I'd like to see grow in my life—things that will make me feel more whole and at peace with the way things are. My hopes are that the universe will find some things in this list that it agrees with, and help water them so they bloom into something beautiful.

• eating raw foods
• doing reiki for myself, loved ones and animals
• doing yoga
• caring for my body as the beloved temple it is
• seeing others as divine creatures
• being in the present moment
• bringing loving presence to life
• acceptance of the way things are
• openness to new life experiences
• choosing love over fear
• generosity and thankfulness
• ______ being open to whatever the universe brings my way.

What seeds will you be planting this year?

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