Feelin' Go'd

I really need to feel *good*. It's a matter of living. When the feelings inside me are not of a healing nature, my life is not being lived.

There has been nothing but sadness surrounding me lately. I'm ready to let that go. There has been resistance to releasing the sadness, and to displaying it outwardly toward others, but the only way to let it go is to release it. The only way out is through. I need to allow myself to be as I am and allow what is happening on a deeper, emotional level be what I am externally.

I've been investigating what needs to be done in order to allow myself to feel good. I need to be honest with myself about what I'm feeling. I can't hide behind sense pleasures in order to deny and avoid the feelings.

My chakras are out of balance—only slightly, but I've become so sensitive to when they're imbalanced that it's so noticeable. My second is over active and my sixth is underactive. They are two chakras that balance each other, so it makes sense to me that they are this way.

There was a time, not too long ago when I could feel each chakra balanced. I felt light, peaceful, confident… Lately I've been feeling only sadness, frustration, denial, tired, and I've been eating very unhealthy foods.

I'm ready for a shift. I NEED things to shift. I'm sending out the intentions allowing a shift to happen. I'm allowing myself to feel good, to feel balanced again. I give myself permission to do the things I know will help balance my chakras. Ready… go.

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