About a year

Wow. Just for fun, I went through some of the photos I have of myself from the past year and created a little timeline for myself.

However, these two photos stood out to me so much, that I just have to post them.

This was taken in July of last year.

This I just took of myself.

My friends and family have said I've been loosing weight. But OMG. It's hard to really know how we're perceived from the outside.


2sheepinthecity said...

What a dramatic difference!!! You look wonderful (you looked great before, however, the weight loss is phenomenal.)

Question; how do you keep eating the bananas without getting sick of them? Right now, i don't think I can look a spinach leaf in the eye and am longing for something cooked....

SbutterAMfly said...


I began typing up a response to your banana question, but it became really long.

So, here is a whole post about it.

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