Gods money

The addiction my mind has to cooked foods lately is ridiculous. I *know* what my body needs for fuel, but *I* just don't want it. Instead, I'd rather sedate myself with heavy complex carbs and fats… even animal fats!

I'm getting to the point that I can't do it anymore… but it's not because of what I'm eating… it's because I can't afford it… really… it's because of the money that I'm deciding to eat more healthy. One part of me judges that as being shallow… but whatever works. If that's the reason I need to get myself to eat healthier, then so be it.

We've been eating out at restaurants WAY too often. I added up how much we spent since April first and was AMAZED that it was so much.

I just decided that I need to start saving for a house, and I feel really strongly about doing it. I really want some pet sheep, and a small farm house… maybe something like what's in that picture.

So, I created an inventory, based on my debit card transactions of everything I've spent money on over the past 2+ weeks. I plan on continuing to keep track of where my money goes… after all, it's not *my* money, it's God's money, and I'm just the treasurer. It shouldn't be spent on eating animals, drinking alcohol, or anything else that's destructive to me, my loved ones or the environment. Keeping track of what I spend it on makes me feel more responsible. It helps to keep me more aware of what's happening if I can look at it written down, or if I need to keep track in my mind of what I've spent until I get home to write it down.

I've stopped going to yoga again because I can't afford another whole month. I may still attend a class here and there, and pay the drop in rate. Yoga is something money *should* be going toward… yoga and fruit.

We are planning our trip back to Massachusetts. We should be leaving TX in less than a month. I've found a new yoga studio in MA closer to where I'll be staying than my previous studio. Plus, they're cheaper. All that should encourage me to go more often.

I've arranged my bank accounts (yes, I have eleven of them), to automatically distribute my weekly paycheck into separate sections… among them is a "yoga" account, and $25 each week is deposited into there, only to be used on yoga classes. I had been neglecting this account, only putting $9 in each week because I needed the extra money for restaurants… but I really can't justify that any longer, at least not at that rate. By the time I get back to MA, I should have enough in there to begin a monthly pass at this new studio.

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