Sparkling knitter angels

Last night I was seeing sparkles everywhere. It began as I was driving home in the rain. Things seemed to sparkle like I'd never seen before, in ways that didn't seem normal. A thought came to me, that water fairies were out dancing in the rain. It seemed like a fun thing to do, so I enjoyed the thought of them basking in the weather, and was thankful I had the opportunity to be part of their dance.

Before bed, J asked for some Reiki, and I was happy to provide. It was an opportunity to break away from the deadline-oriented thinking I've been in this past week and slow down into a meditative state. I've been seeking the stillness, and am thankful that the opportunity to share Reiki invited the stillness into my life again.

Sharing Reiki with J helped align my energies more closely with source, and I felt so much more at peace than I had before J asked.

Later, as I lay in bed to fall asleep, many thoughts came to me of my mother, who's been enjoying the time she has, while living with a cancerous tumor. I began sending reiki to her, and in doing so noticed, in my inner vision, many sparkling lights, similar to the ones I labeled as dancing fairies.

I recalled that everything we experience in life is our interpretation of source energy, and a story came to mind of Esther Hicks asking to see the non-physical entity called Abraham. When she opened her eyes to view Abraham, what she saw was a room full of fireflies.

The sparkling lights in my vision, although my eyes were closed, reminded me of lots and lots of fireflies. Large and small they sparkled, on and off.

As I focused on them they intensified and multiplied. I began questioning what they were, and allowed them to blossom into anything more that they wished to become.

I began seeing figures, all female, and all dressed in a sort of 1940's fashion and wearing large-brimmed hats. They were all clustered together directly in front of me, and if I could see their faces, they were looking right at me. A few of them to my right were hidden by their hats. I wondered who they were… they all seemed like avid knitters… It makes sense that knitters would be attracted to me—the deadline I'm working on is to complete the hand-knitted sweaters for the book I'm writing, so knitting is a main focus in my reality these days.

They were all peaceful and happy, and looking RIGHT AT ME. Probably in a similar manner as I was looking at them—in awe and excitement that we could see each other and experience each other's presence in a more-than-feeling way.

I thought of my maternal grandmother, who knit, and wondered if she was amongst them. I glanced to my left, and there she was smiling back at me, clear as day. I felt comforted and reassured that my life is on path. I eventually fell to sleep, and had some inspiring dreams, of which the details, at the moment, escape me.

However, this morning, as I read through my daily e-mails, I came upon the Lightworker Magazine e-mail. It's always filled with something inspirational, and many times it's relevant to my life, and where I'm at that day.

Today's message is as follows:

"You are surrounded by loving angels, Masters and Beings of Light. When they wish you to feel their presence, they will sparkle in your vision and alert you to their existence. At times when you feel most alone, they yearn for you to feel their love, devotion and comfort, so are extra evident in their sparkling.

You need not be clairvoyant to see these sparkles, you need not be meditating or thinking of these beings to see the sparkles, you simply see them because they want to confirm that they are with you, supporting you.You are so very loved, so very sparkled upon! "

I'm humbled by the amazing-ness of this universe, and how magnificent reality can be at times.

~*♥*~ Shine brightly ~*♥*~

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