Affirming Abundance

I release all beliefs that no longer serve me.
I release all the stories that limit me. I'm an unlimited being in human form. This universe is abundant and will and DOES provide for each and every one of us. There is more than we need available to us. It is provided as we allow it in.

I release any resistance I have held toward receiving. I can, and DO receive gifts from the universe. I allow the light and love, and abundance to flow into my being, into my reality and into my life in all ways possible.

I invite the universe to bring things and people, to me that will encourage my growth toward being the highest form of this being that I can be.

I expand throughout the house, throughout the town, throughout the county and state. I expand throughout all of new England, down the whole east Coast… I expand to encompass the whole United States… and Canada… and Mexico.
I expand to encompass the whole western hemisphere—South America.
I continue to expand. The whole world. The galaxy, beyond, beyond. I expand to encompass the whole universe.

All that is touched, may it feel pure well-being and love. May each and every being be happy. Be whole. Feel the love that emanates throughout their being-ness. May all beings realize their full potential

These gifts are given AND received. I too receive this energy as it flows through me from the universe. May I be happy, Be whole, and realize my full potential.

Blessed be.

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