I have the hardest time keeping myself from indulging in cooked food when it is available to me. Friday night James and I ventured over to Whole Foods for some things, and we investigated their prepared food section. There was a tomato/basil soup that didn't have anything too harsh looking in the ingredient list. So we bought some of that, and I got some raw veggie spring rolls with a rice wrap and a peanut sauce. The soup tasted great, and I enjoyed the warmth it provided my body, but after eating a small amount of it my mouth began tingling, so I stopped, thinking that if my mouth was tingling from it, that the rest of my body probably was too. I spent the rest of the night experiencing a swelled head. The soup seemed to have a lot of salt in it, which I haven't had since I decided to begin eating raw 2 weeks ago. The salt was very dehydrating, and the onion and garlic seemed to add to the intense body high that I was feeling. I'm glad I stopped eating it when I did. Saturday AM I was back to fruit & drinking water.

Saturday evening James and I were invited to a BBQ, and decided to go. I packed up a savory salad with guac dressing, and James prepared some steamed carrots with some maple syrup on them. I stuck mostly to my salad at first, but once I was finished with it the rest of the food began looking rather tempting—lays potato chips were the hardest for me to resist. Steamed carrots and some soy beans were also rather tasty… there was also chocolate cake… which I sort of felt obligated to indulge in. To be honest, it was dry and not very sweet, but I ate it anyway. Upon leaving the BBQ I felt heavy, but nothing too terrible. My body handled it pretty well overall.

It really helped me appreciate that I've been away from tempting situations these past 2 weeks. I thought I would be able to be satisfied with just the salad, and not tempted by the other, familiar cooked options. However, it was more challenging than I thought it would be. So far today I've been back to fruit and salad. I'll continue to just take it one day at a time, and not think too far ahead. I was doing great with not having any cooked food cravings, and I think I got ahead of myself thinking that I was beyond them. These past 2 evenings have been a helpful reality check, and I'm thankful for them.


Alyce said...

I had some run-ins with cooked food this weekend - black pepper & sea salt potato chips and a percieved obligation to finish off some venison sausage that a friend gave us.
That was a gastrointestinal disaster.
I'm going to try making dehydrated chips - I found an inexpensive mandoline this weekend, so I can get the thin slices I need!

Sagan said...

I was adding sea salt to my dehydrated veggie chips, but I've stopped doing that now- instead I use pepper and other herbs and spices. The salt didn't seem to go well for my body. I feel better not having it!

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