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As I continue my Reiki journey, I've decided to offer distance Reiki to anyone (or any pet) who is interested in receiving it. If you're interested in receiving a distance Reiki healing session, click the Request Reiki link at the end of this post and send me an e-mail including your first and last name, and if your name is common, please also include a location. For your pet, please include your pets name, type of animal and location. If you would like to include a photo, that is also welcome.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese method of energy healing that balances a being's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies to their highest good, allowing the body to cleanse and heal itself. It often brings a sense of relaxation and peace.

As proven by quantum physics, everything is made up of vibrational energy, including the human body. Reiki assists in balancing the body's energy field to promote a sense of well-being.

Reiki can do absolutely no harm, it always works towards the highest good of the one receiving it. No belief is necessary in order for Reiki to work. The more open one is to receiving, the more their body will receive. The recipient is in complete control of how much Reiki they receive.

How is Reiki sent from a distance?
The vibrational energy that makes up our bodies is universally connected, and is not limited to the time and space that we perceive ourselves to be limited to physically. Therefore the energy can be received from anywhere, and in any time that we intend.

To begin sending the Reiki I sit in meditation. Once relaxed and ready to begin I open by saying the Reiki precepts aloud in Japanese. Translated, the precepts mean: "Just for today, I release anger; I release worry; be grateful; I work hard on myself spiritually; be kind to all beings." I request the presence of your energetic essence, and ask if you would like to receive Reiki. If I receive a positive response, I then surround your essence in a protective white-light bubble and request Reiki to flow into the protective bubble. I allow the Reiki to flow into the bubble until it overflows. I seal the bubble and ask the Reiki to continue flowing to your energetic essence in what ever way it is needed, for as long as necessary. Then release the bubble to flow freely home to where it belongs. I'll then thank Reiki and your energetic essence for the opportunity to work with them.

How is Reiki received?
Sit quietly when you're ready to receive Reiki. Sitting as straight as possible with your feet on the floor, and without crossing your legs will assist your body in allowing an unblocked flow of energy from head to toe. Place your arms where ever they are comfortable without crossing them. Take a few calming breaths then set the intention to receive Reiki from Kristen. If it feels right, say something like: "I am open and willing to receive Reiki from Kristen". Adjust the wording to whatever feels best for you. Loosely concentrate on your breath and let yourself be open to the experience. Sit for as long as you feel necessary.

How can my pet receive Reiki?
Reiki is sent the same for an animal as it is for a human. Animals can sense when the Reiki is present, and know subconsciously when it is available for them. Nothing *needs* to be done on your part. Although, if you talk with your pet, telling them that Reiki will be coming to help them heal might prepare them to be open and receptive to receive it.

What will this cost me?
In return for the time I spend sending the Reiki, I ask you to consider making a donation of $15, or whatever amount you are comfortable. Or you may respond to me with feedback about what you experienced, how your pet responds to it or anything else you feel inspired to share about Reiki.

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