Reiki, yoga, raw food, knitting… these things currently seem to be imbalanced. Lately I've been concentrating on one, or maybe two, but ignoring the others… I wonder what would happen if I concentrated on *balance* rather than any one thing? Perhaps balance would help me do what is needed most at that time, rather than obsess on just one aspect of my life.

I want to listen to and obey my body, rather than my mind. My mind becomes obsessed and fixated on one thing, to the point that I'm no longer interested in it… then it moves on. But my body knows just what it needs in each moment. If only I would listen to it. I need my body to speak to me louder than my mind.

Today feels balanced so far. I woke up, but continued to lay in bed and give myself Reiki, then I had some fresh OJ, showered, knit for a little while, went food shopping, ate some dates… and I can now feel my body asking for some physical activity.

Looks like it's time to get outside and move!

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