Energetic Liberation

When I'm stuck:
• I'm not satisfied with the way I treat my body.
• I'm not at peace with what IS.
• I find error in the actions of myself and others.
• I feel oppressed by myself and others.
• I have the desire to impress others by being who I think they want me to be.
• I'm not still.
• I look for things to cling to.
• I don't see or understand things clearly.
• I resist the things that will help me to see clearly.
• I become self destructive—through thoughts and actions (or inaction).
• My emotions are restricted and judged.
• I fear being judged and looked down upon by others.

When I'm free
• There is beauty in everything in the world.
• The line between *good* and *bad* fades and everything just IS.
• Judgment fades.
• What needs to be done for the health of my mental and physical body happens easily.
• *I* am not the one doing anything.
• There is stillness and peace with what IS.
• I'm comfortable just *BE*ing.
• Mind is quiet.
• There is unconditional love for all beings.
• Emotions flow freely—unjudged and free of attachment.
• There are no thoughts about what others may think of me or my actions.

Last night I attended a workshop that incorporated some gentle vinyasa yoga with Reiki healing—both self healing, and hands-on healing from the yoga instructors who are also Reiki practitioners. It was an enlightening class, and I'm in awe of the powerful effects that yoga and reiki combined can have. Both yoga and reiki have the same purpose in my life-to bring balance and stillness; to connect me to the oneness that is, and to help me see and be truth. Each of them alone can connect me with these things, but the to of them together opened me up like I've rarely felt before.

This class was held at a different studio than the one I'm used to going to. Google Maps said it should take 36 minutes to get there, so I gave myself just over an hour because it was during rush hour. There was a lot of traffic, and I stressed that I wouldn't make it before the class was scheduled to begin. A lot of tension built up in my body. I did make it, with 2 minutes to spare. I parked in a lot that they specifically say not to park in—because they tow frequently. But I had so little time, and there was SO much traffic, I had no other choice.

Finally, for the short time before class began, I meditated and slowed my heart-rate with breath. In the class, we worked through opening the chakras by doing a few yoga poses for each, visualizing the color of that chakra, then laying in savasanah for a few moments with our hands providing reiki on the area of our body that corresponds to that chakra. The teachers would come around the class and share reiki with us as we did the yoga poses, and while in savasanah.

While working on the first two chakras I could tell I was still tense and restricted. But when I got to the third chakra, I could really feel the breath working into every part of my body. I could get deep into the poses and rest there. In savasanah, with my hands on my belly, the breath pulled the reiki in deeply, to the point that my belly was shaking with each in-breath, and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Something was unlocked—cracked. Like a glow stick getting its first crack. The light could then shine.

One of the instructors spoke of self acceptance, of not needing to live up to anyone's expectations, of allowing myself to be who I am. It really touched me.

I have been struggling to understand the third chakra, to see what its purpose is. I have a better understanding of it now. Before, I could see the two extremes—the ways in which it can be unbalanced. If it's overly active, one might become self-absorbed and think they're the head-cheese, and that the world revolves around them. If it's under active, one might think little of themselves, as if they don't matter, and they are not important in the world. To be balanced is to accept you as you are—no inner judgment or criticism. I am worthy of allowing myself to be as I am. At least… that's how I'm understanding it right now, and it seems to feel good.

From that point in the class I was glowing and flowing. Experiences just happened and I was there to experience them. That was it.

Another thing one of the teachers would often say has really made an impact on me. While we were going through the yoga poses, she would instruct us to come into a pose, then she'd say "and that's it." In my mind I'd repeat that… "This is it." then breathe deeply. It was very comforting to know that there was nothing else. That what was happening was all there was, and nothing else was there with me. It allowed for a lot of space to open up.

The drive home was significantly easier, faster and stress-free.
This morning some stillness remains, though I feel a bit restless. I should probably eat something, then do a bit of yoga to jump start my day.

What's happening in your world today?

<3 Namasté <3

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