Flower petals & bunnies

What's done is done. We can either accept it and move on, or we can wish it was done differently… play out a variety of different scenarios to see which one might have been better, and stress out that it wasn't done that way. When we put it that way, it sounds like an easy choice, doesn't it?

"Paralysis by analysis" a wise one said…

I'm done thinking. I'm letting my heart lead the way. When I think, I try too hard. My heart knows the way, it knows without a doubt. But why do I doubt it, then bring it into my mind and try to rationalize a reason for why it should be one way or another? My heart KNOWS. I must trust it. I must.

Keep moving & making…

I'm choosing to accept that it happened the way it happened for a reason. I don't know what that reason is. But it happened that it happened. It happened. I accept that. I accept that it happened. I don't condone the behavior. Yes, it *could* have been done better. But it happened the way it happened. THAT is the reality that unfolded. I'm working with it. I can accept that.

And the responses to the situation… they happened the way they happened too. It all *could* have been done *better*… so what? It is what it is. Move on.

That's it. I'm done TRYING. There is no try. Only do.

No more anxiety over how something will be presented, nor worries about how people will respond. I don't want those any more. I'm done with them. They can move on to another timeline. This one no is no longer in need of their services.

So… that's all pretty resistant, isn't it?

Anxiety & worry… well, they've been there because they've been there too. sigh… a never ending loop of *shoulds* and preferences.

Accept, accept, accept. Om. Breathe. It's all okay, just the way it is. More breath. Deep inhales, deep exhales. It is what it is. No more thinking. Breathing. Listening. Feeling. Trusting. Loving. Tears. Finally. I cracked. The shell around the heart that was resisting has cracked & the light can come in… and out. Well, wasn't that all just flower petals and bunnies? Ugh… it is what it is. More breath.

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Kristen said...

An interesting update about this: I was recently reading Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith. She explains how a liberating current of energy flows up through us from our root chakra, to the second, to the third, and a manifesting current of energy flows down through us from the crown to the third.

In the third, the blending of the two currents is what creates inspired action. (This is my interpretation of what she said, BTW.) Therefore, an imbalanced third chakra would result in our inability to access the higher chakras. And because we don't have a working link between the physical and spiritual worlds, we use our mind to try to motivate action, which doesn't feel right—at least not to me.

In other words, I can SAY I want to live from my heart all I want, but without the lower chakra's cleared so the link can connect, it ain't gonna happen.

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