It's okay to feel

I accept who I am. I'm aware of the things that cause me to turn my head away to not look. I know what they are, and when I choose not to look it is out of fear. I acknowledge that. I know that fear is not the ideal way to handle things. No. But it happens. And it's okay when it does. I accept it as being part of who I am. Accept me, or don't—that's your choice, and either way it really doesn't matter to me. I accept who I am either way. And, if you choose not to accept me… I accept you for that. It's okay.

I don't need to psycho-analyze what I do… or why I might do it. Doing that only keeps me stuck in it—in the past. I choose to move past what is happening in the physical now to focus on the potential of all that might be. All that might be, in the vibrational now. Vibrationally is where my reality is happening. It's all happening right now. Whatever I focus on is what I feel is happening. When I focus on the physicality of what appears to be now, it's vibrationally in the past. All the possibilities are really the right now. So, I focus there. And there, there is nothing to analyze—just feel. The heart feels. The brain analyzes.

I'm living from my heart. I can use my brain minimally to understand what is necessary to function, but all in all, I can and will and DO live from my heart. I'm not pushing away the analytical mind that arises so often, but I can acknowledge when the balance is shifted far in its direction and nudge it back toward centered—at which time, I'll say "more heart".

Believe what you want about me. It really has nothing to do with me. Whatever your beliefs are, they are a mirror. What do they say about how you feel of yourself? It's the same for me. Whatever I believe about you is a mirror, yes.

I release all beliefs that no longer serve me. I can see you as the light of God. I know you are a divine being incarnated on this earth—just like me. You're beautiful, and strong. You are Love. You're radiant. I see YOU. The real you. The you that is me. We are one.

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