Sit until the bell rings.

School and meditation—fundamentally they're the same. We're here to learn. To expand our knowledge and to grow in understanding. The difference is meditation is done internally while school is external.

There's a scale of male and female within us all that is in the process of balancing. The male—knowledge, external, school—aspect of us is being balanced by the female—feeling, internal, mediation—aspect of us. Each one of us—everything on Earth—has both male and female energies within us.

We humans have been predominately experiencing male energies for the last 12,920 years. We've been gaining knowledge, and understanding of what it is like to live in the physical 3-D reality. We've been exploring the things external to our selves and have developed a thorough thought-based interpretation of what we think is going on.

Now, we are in the process of balancing. The female energies are waking up.

Our feelings, our intuition, our inner knowing is waking up. Yin is coming to the foreground to help balance the thinking, rational, logical, male, yang energies that have been dominating humanity for so long.

Neither one of them alone is any better than the other, but together, working in harmony they can equalize each other and create a beautiful utopia where intuition and knowledge work together.

And, the bell that rings… represents a sudden shift. We sit—sometimes at peace, and sometimes anxious—awaiting the looming ring of the bell that means something has ended, and something new has begun. When the school bell rings, we can turn off our mind-based thinking and go play. We can run around and be creative. When the meditation bell rings we can open our eyes and experience the outer world again. We can experience our senses and evaluate what we experience physically.

And, when the Earth's bell rings, the world as we know it will change. In exactly what way—I don't know. But it feels beautiful. It feels free. It feels light and unified.

Trust that there is nothing to fear. Just as there is nothing to fear from the school or meditation bells ringing. When the Earth bell rings, it'll be different. It will be invigorating. It will be new. We will be butterflies newly emerged from our cocoon, ready to experience the same world in a whole new way.

So, be still and know, intuit, feel and trust that the bell, so soon, will ring.

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